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Northern California SRAJD Chapter



Until the chapters grow, the regions covered by each chapter may be large.  I'm currently referring to my local chapter as the "Northern

California chapter".  As more members join it, we will most likely break the chapter up into smaller groups (such as the Bay Area chapter, etc).


My first goal is to schedule a get-together.  Each chapter president will run their group pretty much however they want.  My preference is to charge a small fee ($10-$25) for most get-togethers so that we can: rent a room (unless we have a centralized volunteer with a large enough space to meet), provide refreshments, donate gas money and the fee to those having a hard time at the moment, and perhaps invite some specialized teachers for demonstrations.


Most of us have erratic schedules so won't be able to make all the events, but if we get them going on a fairly regular basis, then most of us can attend most of the meetings.


As I look at my own schedule, I have HUGE trepidation for selecting a date.  How many times I have had to reschedule because something came up at the last minute!  But if I don't start, we'll never get rolling.


So…. How about we shoot for July 19th?  It's a Sunday.  I figure more people will have weekends free than weekdays (or at least those of us who work M-F jobs may be able to find more free time on the weekends than on weekdays).


Right now, I'm thinking of Oakland as quasi-central, but I'll send out an email… see who's interested in coming on that date and see if anyone can volunteer a place to meet.


If we have the meetings every other month, the next one would be in September… families and schedules may be a little more settle then.